Cory's Tailroad Express Transport Program Fundraiser

A fundraiser for Delaware Humane Association & Delaware SPCA

$710 raised from 9 donors

$500 goal

I’m Cory Topel.

I’m fundraising for Delaware Humane Association & Delaware SPCA.

In June 2021, DHA and Delaware SPCA announced our intention to merge. By combining, we will be able to grow our programs and services, saving even more animals. The merged organization will include our 3 current locations in Wilmington, Stanton/Christiana, and Rehoboth Beach.
As a combined organization with 3 separate locations, the need to transport our animals for adoption services, medical care, and general housing will significantly increase. Transporting animals safely requires a delicate variety of resources including transport vehicles, safety equipment, licensed drivers, cat and dog kennels, staff availability, and more.

DHA and Delaware SPCA also rescue animals from high-intake, open admissions shelters across the country, focusing on animals who would otherwise be euthanized. Many states have an overabundance of homeless, sick dogs and cats due to factors such as lack of spay/neuter programs, resources, and humane education. 

Shelters and rescue organizations face a constant struggle to keep up with the influx of new animals and heavily rely on partnerships with animal welfare organizations like DHA and Delaware SPCA. Ongoing efforts to safely transport animals across state lines requires not only sufficient funding, but also medical care, food, shelter, and trained transport personnel.

Our Tailroad Express transport program is a critical part of our lifesaving work. Money raised through DoMore24 will provide us with funds necessary to transport our animals safely and provide homeless, at-risk dogs and cats with safe shelter, spay and neuter services, and medical care. With your gift, you will be helping more animals find forever homes safely — in Wilmington, Stanton/Christiana, Rehoboth Beach, and beyond.

About Delaware Humane Association & Delaware SPCA

Mission: The mission of Delaware SPCA, to prevent cruelty to animals, is brought to life through programs that provide shelter and adoption for unwanted and homeless pets, reduce pet overpopulation through affordable spay/neuter and enable pet retention by providing low-cost veterinary services. The mission of Delaware Humane Association (DHA) is to make “friends for life” by connecting people with animals and by building strong relationships to better serve our community. We are in the process of merging to have even more impact on the animals and people we serve.