Jack's Fundraiser for the Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance

A fundraiser for Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance

$1,010 raised from 12 donors

$250 goal

I’m Jack Daghir.

I’m fundraising for Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance.

Witnessing the unprecedented era of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought me a new appreciation for those with undying passions. I danced in my foyer, kitchen, and family room for months, waiting for the conditions of the world to improve. Instead, they only got worse. Seeing the perseverance of myself, my peers, and others who are intoxicated with passion has shown me that anything is possible. Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance has been there for me for years, watching me grow, improve, and mature. I've been struggling to find a way to show my gratitude to Wilmington Ballet for all of their help. However, I am beginning to learn that sometimes, others do things for you that are just so great, no compensation can be comparable. Doing little things along the way, like this, will slowly help give back to the organization that has done so much for me. I love my art and I love my studio. Please support me and the Academy as we continue to navigate through these struggling times so that we can continue to foster a passion for dance in Delaware.

About Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance

Mission: Wilmington Ballet/Academy of the Dance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing superior arts education to foster discipline, self actualization, and confidence for the enrichment of communities in the state of Delaware, and surrounding regional areas. Wilmington Ballet Academy of the Dance welcomes everyone regardless of training, race, age, gender or orientation.