Charles Bachman supports SODELO

A fundraiser for SODELO (Southern Delaware Orchestra)

$575 raised from 14 donors

$450 goal

I’m Charles Bachman.

I’m fundraising for SODELO (Southern Delaware Orchestra).

I'm busily rehearsing my part as violist in the SODELO string ensemble. Help me help SODELO by donating any amount during the DoMore24  state-wide campaign.

SODELO will perform our Spring 2023 concert at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center on March 19 at 3:00 PM. Under the direction of Dr. James A. Anderson, SODELO offers a free concert to all interested classical music lovers. 

Mr. Bob Cafaro, cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra and noted inspirational speaker & author about living and thriving with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), will be the featured soloist and will perform Josef Haydn's Cello Concerto in C Major. At 2:00 PM, Bob will also offer a pre-concert lecture on J. Haydn's magnificent composition for cello.

About SODELO (Southern Delaware Orchestra)

Mission: SODELO is a community of over forty string musicians from Southern Delaware providing a welcoming environment where we can learn, play, and perform classical music for the community to enhance the richness of the cultural environment. Our musicians include professionals, teachers, high school students, and retirees. We are excited to be sharing music with you!

To continue our efforts, we need your donations to help pay for venues and rehearsal space, music purchases, reimbursement of expenses for our music director and soloists, for advertising, and to maintain and develop our website and social media presence.

Our next concert will be held on March 19, 2023, at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.  We are fundraising using the DoMore24 campaign for both the March 19, 2023 concert as well as for our upcoming August 5th concert at Epworth Methodist Church in Rehoboth Beach, and beyond.