Do More 24 Delaware 2023

Do More 24 Delaware Livestream

Thank you to Chris Bruce of King Creative studios in Wilmington, Delaware, who will be our host and emcee throughout the livestream event!

Team Do More 24 Delaware will be holding a 24 hour livestream starting around 6 PM on Thursday, March 2 and finishing a little after 6 PM on Friday, March 3. The livestream will be available on the Spur Impact and United Way Facebook and YouTube pages and will be embedded so you can watch below. Many of our nonprofits and supporters will be featured during the livestream and we will be sharing content and providing updates all day!

Like, share, or post using the #DoMore24DE hashtag on all major social media platforms! Once the event is live, you can refresh this page (or the main page) and watch the maps below update as donations are coming in and click to watch the livestream!

Overnight Livestream

Final Afternoon Livestream

US Donations Map

Number of donations:

Delaware Donations Map

Opening Night Livestream (Starting around 6 PM on Thursday, March 2, 2023)

#DoMore24DE Sponsors

#DoMore24DE Sponsors and Supporters