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Do More 24 Delaware
Press Coverage of Do More 24 Delaware 2020

Do More 24 Delaware raises $400K for local nonprofits (Cape Gazette, Mar. 18, 2020)

Holly Quinn, Family Promise of Northern New Castle County comes out on top in DoMore24 Delaware ( Delaware, Mar. 9, 2020)

‘Do More 24’ campaign supports non-profits across Sussex County (47 ABC, Mar. 6, 2020)

Do More 24 Delaware initiative to broaden reach March 5-6 (Cape Gazette, Mar. 4, 2020)

Charlie Vincent, Time, Talent, and Twitter: Why the Future of Philanthropy Depends on the Next Generation of Donors ( Blog, Mar. 4, 2020)

Tom Thunstrom, Participate in 'Do More In 24' March 5-6 (Cape Gazette, Mar. 2, 2020)

Glenn Rolfe, Marathon fundraiser this week: Nonprofits seek donation push in Do More 24 Delaware (Delaware State News, Mar. 1, 2020)

Holly Quinn, How to participate in the mostly digital Do More 24 Delaware 2020 ( Delaware, Feb. 28, 2020)

Do More 24: Day of Philanthropy (WilmToday, Feb. 28, 2020)

Jill Althouse-Wood, Faithful Friends: HelpIN' Our Animals (and Owners) #inWilm (, Feb. 28, 2020)

Jill Althouse-Wood, Get INvolved: Delaware's Giving Day (, Feb. 27, 2020)

Chris Grundner, Thère du Pont, and Todd Veale, Hard to Imagine a World without Nonprofits – Take Part in 'Do More 24' (Town Square Delaware, Feb. 26, 2020)

Chris Grundner, Thère du Pont, and Todd Veale, Everyone can be a philanthropist on Do More 24 (Cape Gazette, Feb. 21, 2020)

Press Release (2-19-20): 24 Hours of Giving: More than 200 Nonprofits Expected to Celebrate Philanthropy and Raise Money as Part of Do More 24 Delaware on March 5-6, 2020

JulieAnne Cross, Cultivating Leaders and Data-Driven Solutions Key for Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League (, Feb. 18, 2020)

Stuart Comstock-Gay, It’s Time for a Big Giving Day for Delaware (Delaware Community Foundation Blog, Feb. 18, 2020)

Delaware nonprofits gear up for 24 hour donation event (47 ABC, Feb. 20, 2020)

Visiting Angels, Shepherd's Office Homeless and Hungry Resource Center Seeks Support Through "Do More 24 Delaware" (Cape Gazette, Feb. 13, 2020)

Press release (12-19-19): United Way of Delaware and Spur Impact Partner For Do More 24 DE.