Barbara K Brooks Transition House, Inc

The Barbara K. Brooks Transition House assists vulnerable women in southern Delaware by providing safe, sober housing, supporting them to grow and to become empowered independent sober citizens.

$76,343 raised from 524 donors

$40,000 goal

The Barbara K. Brooks Transition House provides a safe, sober, and structured living environment for women who are in recovery from life controlling circumstances. Our home in Georgetown, Delaware is one of the first group homes for typically traumatized and vulnerable women, who must re-enter a world filled with challenges. In small group settings, women support each other while learning about personal financial stability, job skills and searches, social interaction, and spiritual growth.

At the Barbara K. Brooks Transition House, our goal for 2024 is to raise funding to continue to provide scholarships for women who need to obtaining housing, opportunities for them to secure appropriate employment, provide them with safe transportation to and from work, partner with local health professionals to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and to continue to provide the assistance required for them to become self-sufficient, productive members of our community.

  Here is what some of our residents say about the residence....

  •  39 year old S H states:
" When I came to Barbara K. Brooks Transition House, I was broken and empty and was Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually Bankrupt.  I had little faith in myself and full of fear and anxiety.  But this place has changed my life completely.  Barbara K. Brooks has provided the structure, support, accountability, encouragement, mentorship and guidance to help me.  I have grown exponentially in every aspect of my life since coming to the Barbra K. Brooks House.  

  • 41 year old DNS states:
"The Barbara Brooks House has saved my life.  This house has given me the opportunity to gain employment, manage my money, and become a productive member in society.  The structure of the house has taught me to be responsible and to hold myself accountable.  Barbara Brooks restored my hope and provided me with a new beginning at life.  The housemates are very helpful and supportive to each other.  I was able to regain my relationship back with my Mom and boys.  My Higher Power has blessed me with a life changing experience here at the Barbara Brooks House. 

  • 57 year old K S states:
"When I arrived at the Barbara K. Brooks House, I was welcomed by Miss Debbie and the other housemates with open arms.  They have helped with accountability, transportation to and from work, meetings and medical appointments.  I have gained a small family here, well all look out for each other and are there for support each other as well.  This house provides the structure and safety I need.  I have really grown here especially in my recovery. 'GROW WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED.'"

  • 56 year old C D states:
"Living at the Barbara K. Brooks Transition House is providing me with a safe, clean and orderly place to live while I begin my journey to a sober way of life.  The house provides me with the structure I need to get my life back on track as well as transportation as needed.  With Ms. Debbie's loving support and guidance, I am growing stronger and more confident in every way.  It is life changing.  I'm blessed and am truly grateful to have this opportunity.

  • 59 year old C S states:
"When I was first accepted into the house I was scared.  I did not know what to expect, but since I was unable to return to my Mom's house, it was in God's hands.  He sent me to this house, I met a wonderful lady who welcomed me to the house, showed me around, and I met the other girls living here. It was very nice and I felt welcomed right away.  Although I still felt nervous, things started changing within a few days.  I am so happy that I came to the Barbara K. brooks House.  Ms. Debbie had made the house very comfortable for us, and always makes sure we are doing the things we should be doing.  She always does her very best to help us any way she can .  I am so very happy and so proud to have come to the Barbara K. Brooks Transition House.  This became my family.

  • 52 year old J K states:
"The Barbara Brooks House has given me an opportunity to work though life and the things I have struggled with in a safe environment.  Each woman is on their own journey to freedom from drugs/alcohol and patterns that prevent us from living a fulfilling life.  The house is structured in a way that each woman has their own responsibilities, household responsibilities and also help each other stay accountable to one another. We are a team trying to make it to the next destination.  Ms. Debbie makes sure that each person is able to get to work, Dr. appointments, and other important appointments. She is self-sacrificing and wants each person to be successful.  She supports our goals, dreams and recovery.  The Barbara Brooks house provides an environment for growth, without judgement. I am blessed to have such a wonderful support system in my life. 

  • 42 year old J H states:
Coming to the Barbara Brooks house was nothing short of a miracle for me.  Upon walking into the house, it was truly a sanctuary, a real home.  Prior to coming to the Brooks home, I was first incarcerated and then placed on home confinement.  I needed a space to rebuild my life and my mind. While living under Ms. Debbie’s care and the Brooks' roof, I was able to cultivate strong female relationships and develop an even stronger sober support network.  Ms. Debbie was more than a role model, she provided encouragement, support, and daily structure that allowed me the safety and comfort to get both my feet planted firmly back on the ground.  I found the ability and strength to secure gainful employment at Mid South Audio.  After living at the house for one year, I was able to move into a single family home and find an economical vehicle to maintain on my own. The Barbara Brooks house fostered my growth and my recovery, which has led me on to Nashville, TN where, I am now in a creative writing class and yoga teacher training course.  Because of my beginnings at the Barbara Brooks House, I now have the courage and gratitude to follow my dreams in recovery.”

  • 46 year old K H states:
"The Barbara Brooks House truly saved my life. Miss Debbie and the Barbara Brooks House gave   me a safe, supportive home to begin my journey of Recovery.
Every step of the way Miss Debbie helped myself and all the women gain employment, provide transportation for work, meetings, doctor appointments, but the most is the sense of home and family that the Barbara Brooks House provides.
I had exhausted all family of my own through my alcoholism. The Barbara Brooks House and Miss Debbie gave me a chance to begin a new and better life, when no one else had any more time or energy for me.
The Barbara Brooks House gave me hope when I thought I had none left. Miss Debbie Believed in me before I believed in myself. For that I am eternally grateful.
I have over two years sobriety now, a full-time job, and my own home with my son.  None of this would of happened without all the support that The Barbara Brooks house provides along with the love and support of Miss Debbie.

  • 33 year old K T states:
"The Barbara Brooks house wasn’t just a house, it was a home.... Everyone was so supportive, especially Ms. Debbie.... She encouraged me to take my DUI classes, and get my license back. Which eventually led me to getting a car, ALL on my own! She helped me when it came to managing my money, which also led me to recently moving out, into my own apartment. The Barbara Brooks house was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life....I got my second chance..... Thanks to Ms. Debbie and the Barbara Brooks House!!!!"

  • 35 year old L J states:
" I can’t say enough about the Barbara Brooks Transition House and Ms Debbie. I came to the house lost and hopeless, and I had no confidence I could actually heal from trauma or be a productive member of society. I was out of options, it was ‘stay clean or die’. Then I moved about 2 hours from home in order to try to change. From the moment I arrived, I was shown so much love, caring, and empathy, and I healed slowly. I saw myself differently, and I acted differently. I stayed at the house for over 3 1/2 years, and in that time became a productive member of society again, learned how to have functional interpersonal relationships not based around substances, and the best part?? In January of 2021 I became a first time homeowner!! I can never repay Ms Debbie, my roommates, and the board of the house for showering me with love and opportunities when I did not believe I was deserving of any of it. 
Even after moving out of the house. I feel ready for life’s challenges, and I never miss an opportunity to be grateful.”

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About Barbara K Brooks Transition House, Inc

Mission: The Barbara K. Brooks Transition House assists vulnerable women in southern Delaware by providing safe, sober housing, supporting them to grow and to become empowered independent sober citizens.