Developing Artist Collaboration

Transforming Communities by Elevating Artists.

$17,853 raised from 140 donors

$10,000 goal

Join us for DAC's transformative year! We support emerging artists and creative start-ups by providing opportunities to share and sell their work, a supportive community, and career-building tools. Our nonprofit has transformed the culture of Delaware Beaches, and now we're taking our programming virtual to reach more artists. We're dedicated to expanding the culture and quality of life for artists.

This year, we're investing in...

Expansion of Emerge. DAC's "Emerge" is a groundbreaking artist development platform offering affordable transformative career-building tools such as interactive workbooks, group coaching, and engaging videos. Emerge is changing Artists' lives, but we need your help to increase its quality and scalability. Your investment ensures we elevate Artists to new heights!

Investment in our Local Impact. We're growing our team to expand DAC's capacity to scale events and operations, offering more opportunities for local creatives. With more investment, we can create innovative programming that enriches the cultural landscape of the Delaware Beaches. Join us in our mission to transform the lives of more artists through magical events and an expanded arts and culture scene.

This is the impact. 

Increasing DAC's capacity creates a significant ripple effect. It means more operational days for the West Side Creative Market, more community members creating in the Artpothecary, and more life-changing professional development for artists. As we elevate the mindset and careers of Artists, that expands the creative economy. Successful artists invest in the communities they thrive in. That means more public arts initiatives and creative outreach programs.

About Developing Artist Collaboration

Mission: Transforming Communities by Elevating Artists.

DAC is an Artist-First Movement. We uplift Artists by providing career development, peer connection, and access to opportunities while also strengthening their connections with the community. We believe this model will empower Artists to build profitable and fulfilling creative careers.

Here at DAC, we are dedicated to forging a vibrant and fulfilled creative community. This begins with transforming the Artist’s scarcity mindset to one of abundance, while simultaneously educating the public about the importance of Artists in society. If Artists have a stable career foundation that allows their basic needs to be met, they in turn are able to put their skills towards innovative, creative projects that support social causes and enrich our communities. We do this through education, peer connection, and opportunities to grow personally and professionally to achieve the next level of their creative journey.