Elena’s fundraiser for LYTE

A fundraiser for LYTE (Leading Youth Through Empowerment)

$375 raised from 5 donors

$500 goal

I’m Elena Tamba.

I’m fundraising for LYTE (Leading Youth Through Empowerment).

This year, a nonprofit organization that I’m a part of – Leading Youth Through Empowerment (LYTE) – is participating in DoMore24 DE! In my short time with LYTE (Leading Youth Through Empowerment), I've been amazed by the unwavering support they've provided. From interview preparation to college essay editing and navigating financial aid, LYTE has been there every step of the way. Now, I'm reaching out to ask for your help in ensuring that LYTE can continue to support scholars like me. Your donation will make a tangible difference in the lives of young people striving for success. Thank you for considering supporting LYTE and empowering the next generation.

About LYTE (Leading Youth Through Empowerment)

Mission: LYTE believes educational success is foundational to lifelong success. LYTE changes the trajectory of under-represented youth by preparing middle school students to attend and succeed at competitive high school programs and then colleges, by providing personal mentoring, rigorous academic instruction, and leadership opportunities.

At Leading Youth Through Empowerment, we are on a mission to transform the lives of underserved youth in Delaware through education. We believe that educational success is the foundation to lifelong success and we're dedicated to changing the trajectory of under-represented students.

Consider this: There are zero high-achieving middle or high schools in Delaware that serve predominantly low-income students. Academic opportunities and the support needed for students to excel are often not equitably available. For example, low-income students are typically not offered advanced coursework such as AP and honors classes, whether due to a lack of academic track record, lack of advocacy on their behalf, or simply a lack of recognition of their capabilities. Delaware's students face stark disparities in education and graduation rates based on their race, ethnicity, and economic class. This problem leads to a cycle of poverty and racial injustice that is felt by the entire community. 

Leading Youth Through Empowerment gives ambitious underserved students life-changing opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. LYTE serves low- to moderate-income students in grades 8 through 12. We are actively serving more than 475 LYTE Scholars, and our Scholars attend over 90 middle school and high school programs across all three counties in Delaware. 

LYTE helps economically underserved students of color push through the achievement gap by offering rigorous academic instruction, personal mentoring, and leadership opportunities that catapults our Scholars to success. After participating in LYTE’s academic advancing coursework and receiving school choice guidance and high school application support, our middle school Scholars are able to get into top performing high school programs. LYTE continues to support them throughout high school by preparing them to pursue college degrees that fit their goals, including college application support and financial aid training. LYTE Scholars have a 100% high school graduation rate and a 100% college acceptance rate, with millions received in scholarships, grants, and financial aid. 

LYTE is passionate about breaking barriers and creating opportunities for these deserving students, but we can't do it alone. The solution is a collective one, rooted in compassion and shared responsibility. When you support LYTE, you directly contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty and offering support where it's needed most. Your generous donation enables us to empower students, providing them with the tools, mentorship, and opportunities they need to succeed. Join us and become an essential part of our mission to empower the next generation, ensuring that underserved students in Delaware have the tools and support needed to thrive. 

For more information, please visit our website at www.lytescholars.org, or contact marisa.ray@lytescholars.org.