More Love. More ART.

A fundraiser for The Delaware Contemporary

$80 raised from 5 donors

$2,000 goal

I’m Kina Thornton Frazier.

I’m fundraising for The Delaware Contemporary.

This fundraiser is especially important to me because finding  funding for the  arts continues to be more and more of a struggle post-Covid. I hope you will find just a few dollars you can spare to help The Delaware Contemporary continue providing programming for the community and to be a place where artists can express themselves and bring wonderful exhibits for us to enjoy. Prior to serving on the board of The Delaware Contemporary, I didn't give much thought to how tough it can be to raise funds to do all the great things we do at the museum. And, you probably have never given it much thought either. But, what I did and still do think about is the feeling that art gives me, and I can’t imagine a world without it. So, please help me spread a little love to the arts, and give to The Delaware Contemporary during this 24-hour fundraiser.  Thank you. 

About The Delaware Contemporary

Mission: The Delaware Contemporary’s mission is to infuse contemporary art and creativity into the community through compelling exhibitions, dynamic educational experiences, and access to the artistic process.

The museum presents over 20 exhibitions annually of regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized artists that explore topical issues in contemporary art and society. We provide opportunities for local and emerging artists, and are committed to educational and community outreach through various programs. We welcome and embrace all who seek to experience art, offering free admission to ensure equitable access to the arts. Through collaboration with artists, curators, and partner organizations we take risks and push boundaries to inspire new ways of looking at the world, offer artistically stimulating experiences, and engage more people in the transformative power of art to make an impact in our community.