Sunday Breakfast Mission

Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Families in Jesus' name

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About Sunday Breakfast Mission

Mission: Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Families in Jesus' name

Not alone anymore!

Not alone anymore!  That’s what Nick can say now.  
While he was growing up and into young adulthood, he and his brother experienced a lot of hardships.   First, the divorce of his parents, then the death of his mom, followed by the death of his dad.  As brothers, they had to fend for themselves.  But the life of substance abuse rubbed off on them. Then, tragically, his brother died too.  Nick was shaken, hurt, alone and lonely.
He knew he needed help but where was that help?  A social worker told him of this place called Sunday Breakfast Mission, a place where he could not just find a meal and a bed but a Program to help him restart.  Yet, he was still alone and lonely.
He came to the Mission and joined the Program and after 30 days he was given a counselor.  In that first counseling session he learned that someone did care about him and how lonely it had gotten.  He was introduced to God and asked Jesus to come into his life.  He began to do something he had never done before – pray.  In fact, he began to write out his prayers.
Nick was never much of a public speaker, but when it was asked in Chapel or class for a testimony from someone, he would take out one of his written prayers and read it.  Others told him how much these prayers helped them. He loved to share because it was something shared between him and God and because others were helped by these prayers.  
 Nick was no longer alone – he now had Jesus his Savior and brothers in the Lord.

You can be the safety net many of our homeless, hurting, and hungry neighbors need at their most critical moment in life.  By supporting Sunday Breakfast Mission through this year's DoMore24 Campaign, you are helping men and women, just like Nick, break the cycles of substance abuse and homelessness.

$2.83 provides one meal and more to people living on the street 
$28.30 provides ten meals and more to people living in poverty
$40.20 provides one day in New Life Program for men and women to break the cycles of addiction
$141.50 provides 50 meals for men and women in New Life Program

Thank you for helping to restore men, women, and women with children to new life!

About Sunday Breakfast Mission:
Sunday Breakfast Mission serves the homeless, addicted, and impoverished through Christ-centered programs to meet their spiritual, social, and physical needs. Our primary goal is to restore people to right relationships with God, family, and society.