La Red Health Center

La Red Health Center's Mission is to be a Center of Excellence which provides quality patient centered care to the diverse members of our community.

$2,880 raised from 22 donors

$15,000 goal


La Red, which means “The Network” in Spanish has been a safety net provider for women, children and families throughout Sussex County for nearly 24 years.
La Red cares for everyone regardless of their insurance status. La Red offers primary care, pediatric care, dental services, women’s health care, behavioral health, HIV/STI testing, access to a discount pharmacy program, transportation and referrals to low-cost cancer screenings, and most importantly prenatal care.

The Need: 

In recent years, La Red Health Center’s prenatal program has experienced exponential growth. La Red cared for 633 prenatal patients in 2021, by 2022 La Red cared for 845 prenatal patients. That’s a 33% increase in prenatal patients in just one year.

La Red has set a goal of raising $15,000 for our prenatal programing through the Do More 24 Delaware Campaign.
The majority of La Red patients are uninsured, speak a language other than English and live at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Because of their status they do not have access to Medicaid or other anti-poverty programs. If La Red was not here, many of our prenatal patients would have very few options for care. 
Many of La Red’s prenatal patients delay care because of the cost. They often lack access to healthy foods, prenatal vitamins or the basics during their pregnancies. Lack of prenatal care can lead to poor outcomes for both mothers and their children. 

La Red offers prenatal care at our offices in Milford, Georgetown and Seaford. La Red’s community health outreach worker staff also provide our prenatal patients with compassion, translation services and transportation to their appointments and to specialists if need be.

La Red’s prenatal program is a lifeline for many Sussex County women and their babies, and it is primarily unfunded. To keep pace with the growing demand for prenatal care in our community, La Red needs your help. 

How you can Help

Make a donation of $24 or more during the “Do More 24” campaign. You can also start your own Do More 24 fundraiser for La Red. Just click the Start fundraiser button above on our page. You can also help us by sharing our page with your circle and asking them to support the work we do. 
At La Red, we believe that healthy communities begin with healthy women and children. Come join us in building a healthier Sussex County. 

About La Red Health Center

Mission: La Red Health Center's Mission is to be a Center of Excellence which provides quality patient centered care to the diverse members of our community.

La Red is a Federally Qualified Health Center that operates three Family Practice Sites.  LRHC now serves just under 14,000 patients per year via 55,000 office visits by providing an ever-increasing array of health care services that include:
  • Pediatric & Adolescent Services
  • Adult & Senior Services
  • Women's Health Services           
  • Screening Services for Chronic Diseases
  • Oral Health Services
  • Behavioral Health Services for Children & Adults
La Red's medical services are available to all individuals regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic origin, religion, language, sexual orientation, or ability to pay.