TeenSHARP, Inc.

Building a diverse pipeline of leaders, one top college admission at a time

$12,475 raised from 69 donors

$20,000 goal

TeenSHARP has been working with Black, Latino, and low-income students since 2009 to prepare them for top colleges and equity-centered leadership. 

The work has never been easy, but it became substantially more challenging in recent years due to the pandemic. That is why, over the past three years our programs have grown to be even more intense, requiring even more resources. And those investments were more than worth it as  the outcomes have been extraordinary. 

In any given year, for instance, at least 60 percent of TeenSHARP students achieve a 4.0 GPA. And despite online learning during the pandemic as well as challenges adjusting to in-person instruction following the pandemic, we helped our students achieve similarly strong academic performance. Among the Class of 2022, 75 percent of students graduated from high school having completed AP Calculus and four years of a foreign language. 

On average, students in our Class of 2022 applied to 12 colleges each. Among the 83 high school seniors, college admissions results were stunning. 

100 percent of students graduated from high school and are now freshmen at schools that include  Princeton, UPenn, Pomona, Northeastern, Howard, University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Tufts, and many more. 

Community support makes this life-changing work possible. We invite you to support TeenSHARP and invest in our amazing students!  

About TeenSHARP, Inc.

Mission: Building a diverse pipeline of leaders, one top college admission at a time

Founded in 2009, TeenSHARP is a unique learning community for Black, Latino, and low-income students across the Delaware Valley region that uses top college admissions as a lever to change the landscape of leadership in America. 

Our vision is that, one day, those who occupy our nation's highly-skilled jobs and most influential positions will reflect the rich diversity of the nation itself. In service of that vision, we prepare scholars to attend, thrive at, and graduate (with little or no debt) from top colleges. At these schools, diverse scholars access the social capital, academic rigor, and intellectual development they deserve—and which they can leverage to become community-minded change-makers on the path to fulfilling their highest potential. 

Since 2009, TeenSHARP has grown from serving 10 students in a church basement to hundreds of teens with virtual programs. More than 400 students have graduated from TeenSHARP in 12 years, going on to study at schools such as Yale, MIT, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, Macalester, Pomona, Northeastern, and Swarthmore. The vast majority of TeenSHARP alumni complete college within four years (all do so within six) and graduate, on average, with $15,000 or less in student loan debt. 

We aim to serve another 2,025 students by 2025.